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Natural eau de parfum

WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures - Japanese and Italian, the embodiment of the duality of beauty. The perception of beauty may differ, but the appreciation and importance are equal.

From the Italian side, beauty is about life and warmth; it blossoms and blossoms like all life in summer. There is this wave of joy that overcomes us as we sit, think, reflect, feel, and gain new strength to start the creation process on a breathtaking Italian coast.

When we are in Japan, we cherish things because they can't last long. Just as in nature, the seasons change, something is awakened and something falls asleep. There is this unexpected pleasure of sitting still in the holy Japanese temple, waiting, smelling, feeling, and falling in love with the world and everything in it.

We cannot force the change of season. We can only go WA:IT and on another cycle as we wander around the world taking in all the beauty of nature. WA:IT reveals the beauty in a body of soul soothing scents and skincare products that reveal a person's true inner beauty on the outside, uniting and balancing the inner and outer, like Japanese 'wa', and stimulating sensory perception by breathing in 'it'.


Wandering and waiting helps to find the new love for the Self, to know the real Self. This process includes knowing one's limitations and abilities; it includes faith and faith in one's Self. Faith honors the silence of a moment. Just as we find ourselves by getting lost or sitting still, it's not about turning our backs on the world; it's about stepping away from it every now and then so that we can see the world more clearly and understand it better.

Wandering and WA:IT-ing is a work of universal love for the beauty of life. The beauty of life is dual as a paradox of silence and movement.


The brand name 'WA:IT' and the logo enclose the duality of a meaning - Japanese symbol 'wa' that means peace and harmony and a window to the world and a new way to see the beauty of life; and 'it' that refers to the Italian love and joy of the beauty of the moment that is achievable.

100% herbal ingredients, without components that could be harmful to the environment.

The choice of suppliers of the raw materials has been made through a fair trade approach to ensure both ecological and socio-economic sustainability.

Packaging - the embodiment of the concept

The packaging is not only fully recyclable and biodegradable, but also has the FSC hallmark, which guarantees the origin of the cardboard from responsible sources.

The glass bottles and wooden caps are also fully recyclable.
Aluminium parts are fully recyclable and reusable.

The paper labels are 100% tree free and fully recycled to save energy and preserve the trees. The HITO perfume labels are made with algae from the lagoon of Venice, the spread of which would endanger the fragile ecosystem of the lagoon, using bio-waste to save the environment.
No environmentally harmful paints or adhesives were used.

The bottles, boxes and caps were produced in Italy.

WA:IT uses only truly sustainable materials, ethically sound and proven safe for the environment.

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