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Organic Shampoo

Here you will find the best brands of 100% natural, organic, sulphate-free vegan shampoo without silicones. Without harmful chemicals and packed with nourishing organic ingredients, for beautiful hair that shines with health!

Sulphate-free & natural shampoo without silicones

For healthy hair that shines!
Here you will find the best 100% natural, sulphate free and organic shampoos without silicones, without parabens, without sls and without harmful chemicals, to give your hair a great health boost.

The exclusive sulphate-free natural shampoo brands you find at Greenbeauty.shop are of the highest and professional quality.

Our shampoos are made from precious organic plant oils and powerful plant and herb extracts.

Our natural shampoos cleanse your hair without drying it out, make your scalp healthy and vital, prevent excessive hair loss and give you strong, full hair that shines lusciously!

Why natural and organic shampoo?

Organic and natural shampoo contains the most powerful bioactive nutrients for your hair and scalp. What's more, these nutrients are particularly well absorbed by your hair and scalp! The nourishing natural nutrients ensure that deficiencies are replenished and that the natural pH value is restored. The sebum production is balanced, hair growth is stimulated and problems like oily hair or extremely dry scalp disappear. Natural hair care is gentle to your hair and scalp and does not dry out your hair.

Furthermore, natural hair care contains no harmful chemicals that dry out and damage your hair and scalp, no SLS and no silicones.
If you used to wash your hair with a chemical shampoo before, you will notice that you lose much less hair when you wash it with a natural shampoo. And in time, this will result in much thicker and more abundant hair!

What are sulphates or SLS?

Almost all shampoos (including many natural shampoos!) contain sulphates such as SLS or SLES, a natural substance that makes shampoos (but also soaps, etc.) foam heavily. Many people like this and associate it with "nice and clean".

The sulphate 'family' has been used for many years as a main ingredient in hair and skin care products, but also in toothpaste. It is a very powerful, inexpensive synthetic detergent, also widely used in household cleaners and industrial degreasers for engines and factory floors.

Sulphates are thus aggressive cleaners that can remove natural oils from the scalp and cause irritation.

The skin, which lives and breathes, depends on the small amount of oils it produces as a natural protective barrier. This barrier keeps the hair and scalp healthy, supple and adequately nourished.

Repeatedly removing these oils - which cleansers, especially the stronger ones like sulphates, do - damages this skin protection.

In shampoo and other rinse-off products, SLS is classified as "safe", i.e. non-irritating. But the studies assume that the products are not used continuously, but for short periods of time and are rinsed off thoroughly. No studies have thoroughly analysed the effect of years of daily use of SLS or SLeS, or taken into account the fact that shampoos can be rubbed in and left on the scalp for a few minutes. In addition, detergents are often used in shampoos in rather high concentrations (15%).

Sulphates are such effective detergents that they can also remove hair dye, but they are also bad news for curly hair because sulphates negatively influence the effect of curling and straightening products.

SLS-free shampoo does not mean that it works less well. It is a common - and understandable - fallacy that lots of foam and bubbles are needed to clean your hair. A milder, less foaming shampoo will do the job just as well.

Toxicity of sulphates

Sodium laureth sulphate or ammonium laureth sulphate is harmful to the environment, the production process is far from clean and it is not allowed under organic standards because of its polluting effect on our waterways and the environment.

Furthermore, if processed carelessly, SLS can contain the carcinogenic ethylene oxide and the poorly biodegradable and possibly carcinogenic dioxane.

Contrary to articles circulating on the Internet a few years ago, SLS itself does not cause cancer. However, scientists believe that there is a risk of contamination with free amines (DEA, MEA and TEA) from other ingredients that may be present in a product such as shampoo and which may form carcinogenic (cancer-causing) nitrosamines through the 'cocktail effect'.

The top quality natural shampoos in the GreenBeauty.shop's beautiful range do not contain SLS and are 100% safe for your health and for your hair!

What do silicones do?

Almost all conventional shampoos and hair conditioners contain silicones. Silicones create an artificial layer around the hair that makes even the most damaged dry hair appear soft and supple. But this plastic coating prevents nutrients from being absorbed by your hair and scalp, drying out your hair and skin completely. Hair becomes dry and breaks off, while the scalp produces a lot of sebum to restore the skin's barrier function. This is why you often see the problem that hair is dry and dry, while within a day it becomes dirty and greasy again.

Once you stop using silicone shampoos and the plastic layer around your hair disappears, you can see how dry your hair has really become. Fortunately, the high-quality natural ingredients of natural hair care nourish and moisturise your hair so powerfully and intensively that these symptoms disappear within a few weeks.

In this period, for example, use an organic hair oil before washing your hair to pamper your hair and scalp (let it soak in for 5 to 10 minutes), and after washing use a wonderful restorative natural conditioner. Your hair will quickly become strong and luxuriantly shiny again!

By the way, don't be confused by the unfortunate resemblance in the name to silicon (no e). Silicon is a natural and abundant element of the earth that combines with oxygen in the air to form minerals such as quartz, mica and silica. Silicon dioxide is also absorbed by plants and is an important hair strengthening mineral. It is present in the herb horsetail - used in many good natural shampoos!

How do you choose your shampoo?

When choosing a shampoo, make sure it is a sulphate-free, natural shampoo without silicones. And possibly hypoallergenic or vegan, if that is what you are looking for.

You can easily find your ideal shampoo at Greenbeauty.shop by using our filters:

- Try not to click on more than one choice in each filter to get the clearest results;

- Always consider your skin type and the condition of your scalp, it is very important for healthy beautiful hair!

Keep your hair healthy, full and beautiful with the best brands of sulfate free natural shampoo without silicones!

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