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Natural & Organic Skin Care Products

Keep your skin healthy and radiantly beautiful with 100% natural face care, made from nourishing organic ingredients, such as beneficial oils, nourishing plant butters and beneficial extracts!

Effective and healthy for your skin

The pure power of nature

Keep your skin healthy and radiantly beautiful with 100% natural and organic skin care products!
Our powerful bio-active natural facial skin care is made from beneficial organic ingredients such as precious essential oils, nourishing plant butter and beneficial extracts of herbs, flowers and fruit.

Enjoy the delicious natural textures and indulge your skin with refined formulas packed with bioactive power boosters. 


Healthy natural ingredients for your skin

The ingredients in natural skin care are very soft and healthy for your skin, which is important because your skin is the largest organ in your body.

Your skin breathes, it protects your body against all kinds of harmful influences and pathogens from the outside (this is called the skin barrier function), it carries away toxic substances and sweat, and beautifully cared for skin is the ultimate ideal of beauty all over the world. 

Pure natural ingredients are immediately recognized by your skin as healthy, as a healthy diet as it were; your skin knows exactly what is good for it and what is not good for it. And just as your stomach doesn't tolerate unhealthy synthetically produced food, so does your skin! But because your skin recognizes natural facial care as super healthy, it will want to absorb these delicious nutrients greedily.

You understand that natural facial care should therefore definitely not contain any harmful chemicals, and therefore all facial care in the GreenBeautyshop.nl absolutely 100% healthy for you and your skin!


No harmful toxins

Many conventional facial care consists largely of all kinds of chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Unfortunately, this also applies to many facial care brands that are promoted as 'natural', whereas often only a single - often also synthetically processed - natural ingredient is included in the formula. 

In fact, many highly toxic chemicals are used in such facial care products, such as formaldehyde emitting and other carcinogenic preservatives, parabens, synthetic perfume, PEGs, vaseline, silicone based compounds, SLS, toxic fungal and bacterial killers, pigment suppressants, and chemical sunscreens.

So it's extremely important that you make sure your facial care is free of such toxins, and that's why GreenBeautyShop.nl only offers natural facial care without harmful chemicals and 100% non-toxic!


Bio-active facial care

Bio-active ingredients are substances in natural facial care products that actively restore and improve your skin. The most powerful bio-active ingredients on earth come from wild and organically grown plants. Only the strongest plants can survive successfully under the most extreme climate conditions and without outside help, and the unique properties of these super plants are superior. These super power substances can still not be imitated by humans in a laboratory!

Only the very best brands of natural face care contain high concentrations of high quality raw ingredients, which are extremely rich in very powerful bio-active ingredients that intensively repair and improve your active skin. 

And did you already know that since your skin recognizes real natural facial care as healthy and absorbs super good, these powerful bio-active super fabrics can do their job extra effectively!


Organically certified skin care

All product ingredients in the GreenBeauty.Shop are carefully screened by us, so you never have to worry about the composition. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere, and in order to help consumers find non-toxic natural cosmetics, a number of organic labels have been created, such as BDIH, Ecocert, etc. Most organic cosmetics labels assure you of the absence of harmful chemicals, but that is not always the case. Organic cosmetics labels assure you of a number of minimum requirements for the ingredients in a product:

BDIH - At least 95% of the plant ingredients used must be organic, and at least 20% of the total product must be organic; 

Ecocert Organic - At least 90% of the total product must be vegetable, and at least 10% of the total product must be organic;

Natrue - At least 95% of the total product must be of natural origin.


Also good to know: The organic labels allow the use of - less expensive - processed natural and organic raw materials. The various criteria are therefore very layered and their deeper meaning is difficult to fathom, and in fact only by assessing the correct value of cosmetics chemists. This explains why you can find so much, probably well-intentioned, wrong information about this on the internet. A common 'mistake', for example, is the assertion that BDIH certified products are at least 95% organic. Oops, not so! 

Only a few exclusive, genuine organic top brands, such as Zuii Organic, Arc en Sels, Paul Penders and Living Sea, work with such expensive, highly concentrated organic formulas. 

That's why GreenBeauty.Shop always screens the list of ingredients (inci list) of each product, so you can be sure how natural and organic the actual composition of a product is!


Hola, what does 'natural' or 'organic' actually mean?

The terms 'natural' and 'biological' skin care are often used too often, so we explain it to you:

Natural facial care is made from natural ingredients derived from plants, animals, water, natural minerals and the like. These natural raw materials can - in the better - be processed into pure form, but the cheaper products often use 'processed, originating' natural raw materials because they are much cheaper.

Organic facial care is a natural facial care, one or more of whose ingredients originate from organic farming or are collected in the wild. These powerful biological raw materials are - in the better - facial care products in pure form processed. The cheaper biological facial care products often use 'processed, originally' biological raw materials because they are much cheaper.


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