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Henna hair dye

Here you will find natural henna hair dye from the best brands, for a sparkling hair colour and healthy shiny hair!
100% Plant Henna of top quality, without chemicals and in many colours, read more...

Top brands organic henna hair dye

Here you will find the best brands of 100% natural and organic henna hair dye powder, brownies and cream colour, for healthy hair and a sparkling colour!

Natural henna hair dye puts a permanent colour layer around your hair, which becomes more intense and better in quality with every dyeing. Henna does not colour hair lighter.

Henna hair dye without harmful chemicals
Our natural henna hair dye does not contain ammonia, peroxide, PPD, resorcinol, heavy metals or metal salts, perfume, silicones, butylated hydroxytoluene, formaldehyde, mineral oils and no GMOs.

For henna-dyed hair, use an appropriate shampoo for long-lasting beautiful results, such as Odylique Mild Herbal Shampoo.

The henna hair colouring

With henna hair dye you can strengthen your hair colour, dye grey hair and darken your own hair colour. 100% vegetable henna hair colouring is a permanent hair colouring and it puts a colour film around your hair, as it were.

You understand that your own hair colour therefore always has an effect on the final colour result because it always shines through, either light or dark. So your hair can never be lighter in colour than it is.

Because this is a permanent 100% vegetable henna hair dye, you cannot wash the colour out of your hair if you are not entirely satisfied with it.
Do not dye your hair a colour that is too dark, as you cannot dye it back to a lighter colour with henna hair dye.

Building up the henna hair colour layer

Henna hair dye puts a brilliant permanent colour layer around your hair, which becomes more beautiful and of better quality each time you dye your hair. The colour layer is therefore 'built up' further each time, as it were.

Because this layer of colour is actually placed around the hair, it is very important that the colour pigments are able to "grab" and fixate on the hair.

If, for example, your hair is too slippery because of silicones, oil, grease, conditioner and the like, the colour pigments cannot "take hold" and slide right off the hair when rinsing.
But even if the "taking" has gone well, you should make sure that the colour layer is given 3 to 4 days to fix (i.e. become permanent/unwashable) and you should definitely not wash your hair during this time after colouring.

To fixate the colour layer, use a good natural shampoo like the Serge d'Estel Shampoo Coloured Hair, because this shampoo has the ideal pH value to fixate the henna colour layer and gives your coloured hair a beautiful shine!

When dyeing hair with henna dye, there are certainly a number of do's and don'ts that you need to strictly adhere to.
Always follow the instructions of Greenbeautyshop.nl plus the instructions of the henna hair dye product, so you can enjoy an amazingly beautiful colour result!

Use an appropriate shampoo

By using a strong, degreasing shampoo, the colour layer around the hair can be damaged, especially when the colour layer is still quite fresh (the colour layer only hardens more and more after many months).

So don't let your beautiful 100% naturally dyed hair colour disappear by using the wrong shampoo. Always choose a sulphate-free natural shampoo and make sure that it is not suitable for oily, impure scalps. Although the latter are mild shampoos, they often contain powerful herbs that do not go well with the henna film around the hair.

Henna hair colouring is safe during pregnancy

Our 100% plant based natural henna hair dyes are 100% safe during pregnancy:

o However, do not use henna hair dye during pregnancy if you suffer from:
G6DP deficiency.
Conditions that directly affect the blood or immune system.

Never use so-called 'black henna' during pregnancy (we don't sell this!), as it contains ppd.

Henna does not colour your hair lighter

You can never colour your hair lighter with henna hair-dye. Never bleach your henna-coloured hair to make it lighter, as this can lead to very unwanted and unexpected extreme colour results. And if this happens, it usually cannot be solved with a corrective hair colouring.

Best grey coverage with henna hair dye

You will find the best brands of henna hair dye at Greenbeautyshop.nl. To give your grey hair the best grey coverage, choose the 100% organic top quality It's Pure Organics henna hair dyes. These are made from the most potent, freshly harvested organically certified ingredients in the world!

The organic henna hair dyes from It's Pure Organics are the only 100% plant-based henna dyes that allow you to colour your grey hair grey-deep in 1x.

In order to dye your grey hair the right colour in 1x, with It's Pure Organics you do not need to colour your hair first with a pre-colouring or red henna. This is of course ideal, especially if you want to dye your grey hair dark brown or very dark brown.

For all other henna hair dye brands, you always have to pre-colour grey hair first before it can be dyed with a dark colour.

Also good to know: Muscle white grey hair is always a bit more difficult to colour, especially the thicker stiff hair. Just think: the chemical hair dyes that really achieve 100% grey coverage contain the most toxic ingredients of all hair colours.

White hair also shines through the natural layer of hemp dye more strongly than dark hair. For this reason, the high quality of the colour layer around the grey hair is even more important than with coloured hair.

Each time the hair is coloured this layer of henna dye becomes better in quality and more intense in colour, so that even the thickest, snow-white grey hairs can be permanently covered in the long run.

Beware of henna colouring on bleached hair

If your hair has been bleached - either through chemical bleaching or because your chemically coloured hair has been bleached by UV radiation - then dyeing it with henna hair dye can be a little tricky.

Bleached hair is not only light in colour, it is above all damaged and porous. Because of this, bleached hair will absorb the colour pigments like a sponge, resulting in an extremely dark or bright colour result.

If your hair is bleached, but you still want to switch to henna hair dye, Greenbeautyshop.nl advises you to let a professional do the first natural colouring. But we do mean a real professional in 100% natural henna hair colouring! Unfortunately most hair professionals still have little knowledge about 100% natural hair colouring without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. So ask them whether it really is a case of 100% plant-based henna hair colouring, and as soon as a tube or bottle is used to mix the colour pigments you can be sure that it is based on chemicals. This is because 100% natural henna hair dye is mixed with warm water, coffee, tea, lemon juice etc.

Choose a sparkling hair colour and healthy, beautiful hair with 100% vegetable henna hair dye!

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