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It's Pure Organics

Henna Hair Colour Very Dark Brown

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This 100% organic top quality henna hair dye gives an intense, very dark brown permanent color to gray, blond and (dark) brown hair. Fully grey coverage, made from only the most powerful, freshly harvested organic ingredients. 110g

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  • This 100% organic certified vegetable hair dye puts a transparent color layer on your hair. Because of this, the final color result is strongly determined by your natural hair color. In addition, the hair is intensively cared for and becomes healthy and gets a beautiful shine. Natural hair dye sparkles in the sun!

    It's Pure Organic Henna Hair Colour can also be used on chemically treated or chemically colored hair without any problems. It contains no metal salts and is therefore completely safe.
    You can mix the different colors perfectly with each other and thus create your own unique hair color.

    Be careful:

    Make sure your hair is completely free of silicone, dirt and buildup before dyeing.
    Do not use metal spoons, trays, etc.
    Hair dyed with henna cannot be chemically bleached.
    The organic and 100% natural permanent hair dye of It's Pure Organic contains only vegetable dyes and intensive care ingredients that deeply color, moisturize, care, protect and give your hair a brilliant shine.

    One pack of 110g henna hair dye powder is enough for average shoulder long hair. For thick hair you will probably need a little more, and for fine or layered hair you will need less.
    Includes very good quality gloves and cap.

    The 100% natural and 100% organic certified henna hair dye from It's Pure Organics is:

    - Free from artificial preservatives;
    - Free of animal ingredients;
    - Free of non-organic ingredients;
    - Free from genetically modified ingredients;
    - Free of PPD or any artificial addition whatsoever!

    Colour results on different hair colours:

    - The final color result may vary slightly due to differences in hair type, hair color and hair condition!

    - On white and natural light blonde hair, this coloring can give a medium to dark brown color result. If you want an even darker shade, you can repeat the treatment if necessary. Keep in mind that this colouring on white and light blonde hair usually takes 2 to 28 hours to oxidise (which means that the 'heat' in the colour will increase even more and the colour result will contain many more warm pigments after a few days).

    - On medium blonde, light brown and medium brown hair this colouring can give a very dark brown colour result.

    - On dark brown hair this colouring can give a very dark brown to black color result.

    - If your hair is a pepper and salt mixture of brown and white, the overall result will be a dark brown colour (the white hairs will become medium brown and the brown hairs will become very dark brown to black).

    - On white and light blond hair this colouring can give a medium brown to dark brown colour result. A possible greenish glow disappears as soon as the colour pigments start to oxidise (usually within 2 to 28 hours) and the 'heat' enters the colour. If you want even darker, you can repeat the treatment if necessary.

    - On medium blond to dark blond hair this coloring can give a dark brown color result.

    - On light brown hair this colouring can give a dark brown colour result.

    - On medium brown to dark brown hair, this colouring can give a very dark brown to black colour result.

    - If your hair is a salt and pepper mixture of brown and white, the total result will be a medium brown to dark brown colour (the white hairs will become mid brown and the brown hairs will become very dark brown to black).

    - You can easily make the colour result even darker by applying the colouring again.

    Although we do our best to carefully formulate the color result of this hair coloring so that you get a good color, we cannot guarantee the final color result, because everyone's hair is different and the final color adapts to it.

    There may also be small variations in colour result between different batches of hair dye, due to the nature of the vegetable ingredients that are affected by changing climatic conditions from year to year.
    To avoid an unexpected colour result, we recommend that you first test the product for a hair pick. 

    Chemically cheated hair may react differently If your hair is chemically cheated with peroxide, the final color result is unpredictable. In the case of chemically bleached hair, it is therefore especially important to test the product on a hair pick first.

    Avoid colour buildup on the hair lengths:
    To prevent buildup of colour pigments, in case of repeated colourings you can only apply the paste during outgrowth. 

    Before you start
    Wear protective gloves, and protect your clothes by draping an old towel around your shoulders.

    Instructions for mixing:
    Mix the powder with warm water to a smooth paste, about as thick as regular yoghurt.
    For 110g of powder you need about 330 ml of warm water. Mix well so that there is no lump.

    If you do not use the entire package at once, you can close the package well and store the rest.

    Apply It's Pure Very Dark Brown henna hair paint to your hair:
    - Remove any silicone residue and buildup with rhassoul clay.
    - Make sure your hair is washed clean, without conditioner or styling products. Use a suitable shampoo, such as Paul Penders Love In The Layers Shampoo.
    - Use the enclosed gloves to use the paste on your hair to apply, possibly use a paint brush to the outgrowth to accurately treat.
    - Divide your hair into sections and apply the paste section by section generously. Do not comb through. Prevent the paste from getting into your eyes.
    - When the hair is completely covered with the paste, cover with the shower cap. Remove paint stains from your skin (such as your face and neck). 
    - Allow the paste to work in for 1.5 to 4 hours. The longer the application time, the darker the colour will become.
    - Then rinse well until the water is clear, do not use shampoo. However, you can use a conditioner.
    - Leave the hemp paint color layer for 4 days to reach its full depth. When you have just rinsed out the paste, the depth of the final colour is often not yet reached, and in the hours until days after that it will gradually become darker until the true colour is reached.
    - Should grey hair at first appear to have a greenish haze, don't worry! This will gradually disappear within a few hours or days as soon as the dye oxidizes and the color darkens.

    First try it out on a test hair pick
    - If you are going to use this henna hair dye for the first time, we recommend that you test it on a hair pick before you start colouring your hair completely.
    The colour result can vary considerably per person, hair colour and/or hair type.
    Keep to the recommended application time! When you have rinsed it out, wait at least 24 hours to see how the colour develops on the test hair pick, because the colour oxidizes and darkens over time.

    To do a hair pick test, follow the instructions described above. 

    Allergy test:
    It is not often that someone is allergic to 100% vegetable hair colourings, but some people can still get an allergic reaction.
    To do an allergy test, apply a small amount of the paste to the inside of your elbow and cover with a plaster. Keep checking to see if there is irritation of the skin. Leave the pasta for 48 hours.

    Very Dark Brown Ingredients:

    Indigofera  Tinctoria Powder (Indigo Powder), Lawsonia Inermis Powder (Henna Powder), Emblica Officinalis (Amla Powder), Azhadiracta indica (Neem Powder) 

    All ingrediënts are 100% certified organic by the Soil Association.

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