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Honoré des Prés

Honoré des Prés Natural Perfume Vamp á NY

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An absolute must-have for the self-confident, contemporary Femme Fatale! This delicious sultry, quirky and mysterious French eau de parfum is stylish and ambitious, with sensual notes of Tuberose and Rum, Benzoic resin, Perubalsem and Tolubalsem.   Pe

  • Natural cosmetics - Natural perfumes from Honoré des Prés
    Vaporize in NY 50ml natural eau de parfum of Honoré des Prés by Olivia Giacobetti.

    A sultry, quirky and confusing French eau de parfum, for the modern self-confident Femme Fatale, stylish and ambitious! A superior scent creation with notes of Tuberose and Rum, Benzoic resin, Perubalsam and Tolubalsam (resin).50ml

    New York perfume to go
    Olivia Giacobetti, who lives in New York, has brought a French ode to this great city with the "We love NY Collection‟. The 100% organic fragrances I Love les Carrotes, Love Coco and Vamp in NY are packed in an "all American way‟, namely in coffee-to-go cups. "When I see people on the street drinking coffee from a paper cup, it immediately reminds me of New York, which is why this collection is packed in a very exceptional way" says Olivia.

    Pure nature
    The new fragrances are developed with 100% natural extracts. Great for the city dweller who occasionally can use a good dose of nature! The perfumes contain no chemical or synthetic substances. The perfumes are produced without animals and are friendly to your skin.

    The smell of a perfume is determined by top notes that are dominant for the first 10 minutes after application and then evaporate, after which the middle notes appear that are the heart of the perfume and continue to smell for one to two hours, and finally by the notes that remain after the middle notes have disappeared. Base notes can continue to give off fragrance for many hours.

    The application of perfume

    The golden rules for the application of perfume, so that your perfume stays on fragrance longer and you experience the pleasure of it what you expected:


    Always use perfume in a place where your heartbeat is palpable. These are your wrists, neck, cleavage, knee cavities and elbow cavities. You shouldn't use the perfume behind your ears. This is an old French custom that has been used since the wig period. At that time, the French were made up with a thick layer of powder. Because it was a lot of work to apply this, the powder was often left on the face and the skin was not cleaned. Very unhygienic so. Because the French had the habit of greeting each other with a kiss and because of the poor hygiene not so good smoke, they did perfume behind the ears to camouflage the stench. But behind your ears there are several sebaceous glands and if you do perfume on it, the perfume smells different than it should smell. So never put perfume behind your ears.


    If you apply perfume to your wrists, do not rub it in (so do not rub your wrists together). Perfume is diluted with alcohol. This alcohol is necessary to spread the fragrance of the perfume. Without alcohol you would not be able to carry the perfume. Alcohol, however, also has a cleansing effect. When you start rubbing the perfume over your wrists, a light pollution is released from your skin, which mixes with your precious perfume. This makes your perfume smell very different from how it should smell.


    Perfume should be applied to your skin, but this is not always possible for everyone. For example, the smell of perfume depends on the acidity of your skin. This acidity is different for each person and can for example be negatively influenced by medication. Or if you suffer from contact eczema due to perfume. In such cases, you can safely spray your favourite scent into your hair. This is absolutely not harmful to your hair. The advantage is that you are in a cloud of perfume, whatever you radiate. Another possibility is that you apply the perfume to your clothes. A good perfume will not stain your precious clothes when you spray it (but a whole drop of perfume on satin or smooth silk will of course leave an oil-like stain!). However, it is advisable to pay attention to dark colored perfumes. These are generally the heavier fragrances.


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