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Croll & Denecke

Hair Comb Liquid Wood

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This plastic-free hair comb is made from 100% vegetable liquid wood and is therefore durable and strong, fully biodegradable and climate-neutral!

  • This liquid wood is a 100% vegetable bio plastic, made of wood. It changes shape and solidifies like plastic. It is produced with natural resins, linen and other vegetable fibers. In this way, a mass is created that can consist of an injection moulding process in almost any mould.

    This makes liquid wood as durable and flexible as plastic and at the same time as wood. Croll & Denecke's liquid wood products are produced in Germany and are fully biodegradable.

    Liquid wood is made from a part of the trees that remains unused during the paper production process - more than 100 million kilos and is therefore the main ingredient of liquid wood, It remains from the process of the existing pulp (paper) industry. This residue is combined with natural resins, flax and fibres that can be injected into fungi.

    In short:
    we're talking about the precision, flexibility and durability of plastic ... with the 100% recyclable, renewable, tangible and aesthetic advantages of wood, in one new material.
    Croll & Denecke's liquid wood products are made in Germany, are biodegradable and contain no plastic.

    What is liquid wood?

    Paper is made from cellulose and water (wood) pulp, almost liquid wood. During paper production, another component of the wood remains: lignin. This provides the strength of the wood and is therefore suitable for the production of stable products.
    The lignin must first be cleaned. It is then mixed with natural fibres such as flax or hemp, heated and processed into a granulate. This granulate is then liquefied again so that the desired products can be produced by injection moulding.
    Liquid wood can replace partially or totally petroleum-containing plastics in products. 
    There are therefore few limits to the use of liquid wood. However, due to the brown basic colour of the material, it is currently not possible to produce transparent or white products from liquid wood.
    At some point, a liquid wood product also reaches the end of its life cycle. If the product consists only of this material, it can simply be composted or burned. According to experts, only as much CO2 is released as was absorbed by the plants during their growth.
    Markus von Willert, a forestry scientist and project manager at wald-wird-mobil.de-gGmbH, says: "The possibilities offered by the climate-friendly raw material wood are as varied as they are fascinating. Liquid wood, which, like conventional plastic, can be formed in any shape imaginable but replaces the use of fossil raw materials, is a particularly interesting example of this.
    It can therefore contribute to everyone replacing more and more plastic with natural alternatives!

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