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Natural Intimacy

Eco Facial sponges Unbleached

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Silky hygienic facial sponges from eco-harvested sea sponge, for daily facial cleansing and applying liquid makeup, with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal enzymes! 3-5pcs

  • Facial sponges of unbleached eco sea sponge

    These Mediterranean sea sponges are harvested with the utmost respect for nature and the environment, without damaging the roots of the sponges in the seabed. Sponges grow back when pruned, making them a 'renewable product'.

    Responsible pruning also extends the life of a natural sponge. 
    Unpruned sponges do not grow older than 10 years, but if trained divers prune the sponge professionally so that the roots remain undamaged, the sponge can renew itself and lives longer!

    Sea sponges are naturally very absorbent and durable, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. 

    The sponges are silky soft when moistened, and are therefore ideal for sensitive skin, and can be washed and reused many times. 

    Unbleached sponges retain 100% of their absorbency and durability, and are healthier for your skin.

    Hygienic natural material
    Absorbent material is often a paradise for bacteria that love wet, warm spots. 

    Naturally occurring enzymes in the sea sponge prevent the growth of bacteria and stop the growth of mould. This means that natural sponges are called a toxic-free and hypoallergenic product. The thousands of pores ensure a high absorption force but also that liquids flush easily. This makes the natural sponge a clean and bacteria-free product, also for intimate use.

    Cleaning sponges
    How you clean your sponge depends on how you use it. Choose a method that suits you best:

    Clean for in between - Wash the sponges with warm water and a little hand soap, rinse well!

    Even Cleaner / Disinfect - Mix some (apple) vinegar with water in a bowl, in the ratio of 1:10 Let the sponges soak for 10 minutes. A few drops of TeaTree oil will disinfect even better. Rinse well!

    Completely Clean / Powerful Disinfection - Soak the sponges for 10 minutes in a bowl of water with 1 spoonful of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). This refreshes and restores the sponges. Rinse well.

    We advise you to clean the sponges before using them for the first time!

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