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Menstruationstasse im Aufbewahrungsbeutel Größe 1

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You no longer need tampons or bandages with this soft menstrual cup of platinum medical silicone! This hypoallergenic cup of the highest quality has a long lifespan and is packed in a handy cotton storage pouch. 1st Mt1

  • Lamazuna menstrual cup, Size 1: for women under 30 years of age, narrow physique, virgins, shorter vagina, no vaginal birth.

    These cups are very soft and supple. Ideal for women with a sensitive vagina Many women swear by the menstrual cup. The reason: the durable and reusable cup captures your menstrual blood. This means less waste and a better intimate balance of the vagina. 
    The menstrual cup is a kind of chalice that you slide into the vagina during your period. The cup absorbs about three times more than a tampon or sanitary towel can absorb, so on an average cycle you only need to empty the cup twice a day. Because the blood is collected instead of absorbed, no unpleasant odours are released. And once you've mastered the folding and spinning technique, you can get through an intense cycle - a whole working day leak-free. What's more, you don't need to spend as much money to buy a silicone or rubber cup as you do to buy a pack of tampons every month.

    Instructions for use:
    1) Before the first use and at the end of monthly use, the menstrual cup should be sterilized. Bring a pan of water to the boil and then turn off the stove, and leave the cup in hot water for a few minutes.
    2) To insert, the cup must be folded:

    Grab the top of the cup between your fingertips and keep it pressed together as you insert the cup into your vagina. In your body, the cup will open by itself and then create a light vacuum, so the cup will always fit perfectly and there will be no leakage.
    3) After a maximum of 12 hours, the cup should be removed as follows:

    - Carefully pull the stem, until you can squeeze the bottom of the cup gently. This will remove the vacuum, so you can remove the cup.

    Empty the contents of the cup into the toilet, rinse the cup with water or wipe it clean with a cloth. Then reinsert the cup.

    Good to know
    Unfolding an extra supple cup can be a bit more difficult. Pay close attention to this so that the vacuum is well achieved.
    For women with very strong pelvic floor muscles this flexible cup is less suitable because the muscles are more likely to make a dent which can cause leakage.  

    Size 1: for women under 30 years, narrow physique, virgins, shorter vagina, no vaginal birth.
    Size 2: for the average woman, above 30 years, average length of vagina, vaginal birth (then also under 30 years!) 


    Product info:

    The Lamazuna cup is made of platinum medical silicone: a higher quality silicone with a long life. Very easy to clean.
    It meets many international standards, including the standard USP Class 6 (suitable for stay in the body for 30 days). 
    100% hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalate-free, no bleach.
    This menstrual cup is made in Italy by Natu.
    The bag is made of GOTS certified organic cotton, produced in India.
    The packaging comes from France. 


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