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Natural Golden Blond Hair Dye 7D

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Golden blonde gray covering permanent hair paint without ammonia that the hair 1 to 2 shades lighter dye can be. With nourishing herbal extracts and vegetable proteins that g

  • For 100% grey coverage mix with 1N to 8N!
    Discover the secret of beautifully colored hair with Herbatint, a hair dye specially formulated from herbal extracts and plantadrige proteins. Gives the hair a deep natural shine and beauty.





    This product does contain PPD.

    Herbatint is formulated with a minimal amount of pharmaceutical and chemical ingredients which combined with the extracts of plants and herbs form a unique hair dye formula that not only dye the hair carefully, but also nourishes and protects it.

    No ammonia: Specially formulated from herbal extracts and vegetable proteins, such as rosemary, kinabast and walnut peel to the coloring carefully to apply and thus a natural shiny result for your hair to achieve.

    Not harmful to the hair: Because of its unique composition Herbatint dyes the hair without damaging it, resulting in a natural subtle color that not only looks good, but also in hair that feels good. The Aloe Vera in Herbatint prevents irritation of the hair and scalp. It also cares for the skin and stimulates Aloe Vera the hair at the root.

    Herbatint is naturally translucent, which accentuates your hair with a healthy shine and light reflection, in contrast to the unnaturally opaque colour often associated with chemical hair dyes.

    How do I dye grey hair?

    Grey hair has no pigment. To fully cover grey hairs, use should be made of a natural colour, the colours 1N to 8N. These colours cover the grey hairs in one go. If desired, the natural colour can be combined with another colour. Then mix 1/2 of the N colour with 1/2 of the chosen shade. This can easily be done with the Herbatint paint kit. Only 50% of the N colour is sufficient for grey coverage.

    Can hairs be dyed after they have been treated with henna?

    Treatment with henna results in the formation of an impenetrable coating around the hair. This makes it impossible to say what happens to the hair when it is dyed. No advice and no guarantee can be given for this.

    How do I get an optimal gold colour?

    For an optimal gold colour, a colour from the 7D, 8D, 9DR or 10DR series is combined with a colour from the 8N, 9N or 10N series. Please note that 8N is used for a grey cover, as the colours 9N and 10N do not cover the grey.

    How to colour the hair a shade lighter?

    Because of the low percentage of hydrogen peroxide it is not possible to colour hair lighter with Herbatint. This requires a very high percentage of hydrogen peroxide which can be harmful to the hair. the hair must first be bleached. Lighting up with Herbatint is only possible on undyed, natural hair, but even then Herbatint can become lighter by a maximum of 1 to 2 shades.

    How to colour the hair darker?

    With Herbatint, blonde hair can easily be coloured brown or black. For the first treatment a colour is used that is 2 to 3 shades darker than the original hair colour. This treatment is then repeated with 2 to 3 shades darker than the hair colour obtained after the previous treatment. Keep repeating until the desired result is achieved. Because Herbatint is not harmful to the hair, these treatments may take place on 1 day.

    The colour has turned green, what should I do?

    It can happen that a colour green turns out to be wrong. This is because the colour can start stacking when used frequently. Therefore, it is important that when you repeat the dyeing first paint the outgrowth and only later paint the rest of the hair. this is described in detail in the instructions for use of Herbatint. Wash the hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo to remove the color from the hair and then use a vegetal color, a washable coloring. For a green result, always use a counter colour of 1 colour lighter: Vegetal with a red shade (7R or 8R).

    Can I use Herbatint during pregnancy?

    It is not recommended to dye with a permanent hair colour during pregnancy. However, with Herbatint there are fewer risks, especially due to the lack of ammonia.

    I am allergic to ammonia. Can I use Herbatint?

    Research has shown that 85% of people who experienced an allergic reaction to ammonia with other hair colourings did not suffer from this with Herbatint. However, it is recommended to first do an allergy test.

    Can I use Herbatint on my beard?

    It is not recommended to use Herbatint on the face. Never use Herbatint around the eyes, not for eyelashes and eyebrows.


    I have colored my hair with Herbatint but the color has not caught well. What can I do?

    If the colour does not grab well, more colouring agent should be used than fixing agent in proportion. So instead of using a ratio of 1 to 1, use only 50% fixing agent and 100% colouring agent.


    Color(Green bottle)

    Laureth - 5: Surfact & Amulsifying Agent

    Propylene Glycol: Moisturizer, Attracted Water - GRAS (generally recognized as safe) For Addtion To Foods

    Water: Demineralized, Deionized Water

    Peg 2 Oleamine: Emulsifying Agent

    Ethanolamine: Emollient & Adjusts PH

    Walnut Extract: Extract - Astringent, Dark Coloring

    Rhubarb Extract: Extract - Relieves Scalp Irritation, Yellow Coloring

    Cinchona Extract: Extract - Tonic, Astringent/Antiseptic

    Aloe Barbadensis: Plant Extract

    Meadowfoam Extract: Plant Extract

    Bitch Extract: Plant Extract

    Cetrimonium Chloride: Conditioner

    Echinacea Angustifolia: Plant Extract

    Hamamelis virginiana: Plant Extract

    Sodium Sulfite: Preservative Agent

    Ascorbic Acid: Preservative Agent

    Tetrasodim EDTA: Salt Used For Thickening - Approved For Use In Foods

    Resorcinol: Coloring/Developer

    M-O-P Aminophenol: Coloring

    2 Amino 3 Hydroxypiridine: Coloring

    M-P-Phenylenediamine: Coloring


    Developer (White bottle)

    Water: Demineralized, Deionized Water

    Glycol: Humidity Retainer/Emollient

    Hydrogen Peroxide: Lightener For Hair, GRAS For Use In Food

    Etidronic Acid: Stabilizer

    Centrimonium Chloride: Counteracts The Effects Of Hard Water & Improves Product Performance.

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