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Henna Brownies

Natural Hair Dye Black

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Exclusive 100% natural henna hair dye brownie with shea butter that gives a shiny black color to brown and red hair! And also a fine mixing color to blond, brown and red hair a shade darker. Read how much you need!.... 90g / 45g

  • For hygienic reasons, this Zero Waste* product cannot be returned!

    The intensively nurturing composition of fairtrade shea butter with colour pigments of plants, flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, tree bark, husks and berries, does not granulate, does not drip and gives an intense shine color result!

    The colours are already developed and the Henna Brownies can be mixed endlessly with each other. 


    Henna Brownies Black
    Gives a shiny black color to brown and red hair, and a fine mixing color to make any color a shade darker. 

    Even lighter colours such as blond or light brown can be used with black. You can add a small amount of black to your colour to make it slightly darker. 

    If you want to keep up with the colour, use Henna colour shampoo Eden Black once a week.


    Mix Tip
    - If you want picky black hair, use Indigo black and repeat the colour treatment a number of times in a row! 

    - For a deep black boost on already very dark brown and black hair use: 80% Indigo and 20% Black. Use red cabbage leaves, red wine from which you get a blue tongue and/or blue berries in the mixture. Cut it finely and let it boil for 30 minutes. Use the water together with the Henna Brownie Indigo. Leave it to stand for a while so that a blue haze appears on the surface of the mixture. Let the mixture soak in for more than 2 hours. Repeat the treatment after 1 week for an extra intensive colour.


    - If you only want to make your light colour a shade darker, mix a small amount of Black with it.

    - And if your hair colour has turned a little too red, you can correct it with a mixture of black, dark brown and a little ash brown. This will cause the colour to turn dark red.


    Never use pure Henna Black or Indigo directly on grey hair, it will turn green and that haze will not disappear either. On white hair it becomes blue/purple. Grey and white hair should always be pre-pigmented with red, or used as a mixed colour together with other colours.

    Painting red hair black
    Mix 1 block dark brown, 1/2 black and 1 block Indigo

    Light and grey hair black dyeing
    Light and grey hair can be coloured black in the following 3 ways:


     A):1 block of red, 1 block of dark brown and 1/2 block of Indigo (repeat the colouring immediately if necessary, colour stacking)

     B): 1 1/2 dark brown and 1 block of Indigo (repeat colouring immediately if necessary, colour stacking)

     C): first pre-pigment the grey hair with 2 cubes of Henna red, then after rinsing (immediately, decide within 24 hours!) 2 cubes of Henna Indigo for a second treatment in a row! If necessary, repeat the colouring immediately with Indigo (colour stacking).



    How much do you need?
    The amount needed depends on the length, thickness and structure of the hair. The thicker or longer your hair, the more Henna Brownies you need!

    The following amounts are just an indication, for very thick hair or very much hair it is best to add 30g to 60g:

    - Updating outgrowth and very short hairstyles: 60g is usually sufficient for normal hair.

    - Half-short hair completely coloring: For normal hair 60g to 90g is usually sufficient.

    - Half- length hair to the shoulder completely color: For normal hair 90g to 120g usually sufficient.

    - Long hair to over the shoulders completely color: For normal hair 120g to 150g is usually sufficient.

    - Long hairstyles to over the waist completely color: For normal hair 180g to 210g is usually sufficient.


    Introductory time
    CAUTION: The colour result may differ per hair colour and/or hair condition. Always test the colour first on a sample pick. 

    - On lighter hair colors, the exposure time is 30 minutes.

    - For thick and long hair: Extend the application time by about 20 minutes.


    Instructions for use
    The colours are already developed and you can use the Henna Brownies right away!

    If you like it, you can of course also make your own unique recipe with Henna Brownies, for example by adding ground coffee, red wine, carrot juice, lemon juice or elderberry juice to the henna mixture. They will make the Henna colours even more intense!


    1. Make sure your hair is well washed clean, and does not contain build-up or silicone residue. Use PaulPenders Love in the Layers Shampoo, or Bentonite clay.

    2. The mixture should always be kept warm. So place a glass (refractory) dish on a tea light or keep it warm 'au bain marie'.

    3. Place the Henna Brownies with a little hot water in the dish, and let the Henna Brownies slowly melt, like stock cubes.

    4. If you are in a hurry, you can also grate the Henna Brownies first so that they melt faster.

    5. Stir well for a nice, lump-free mixture, into a thick liquid paste.

    6. Apply the mixture quickly with a firm, wide hair dye brush.

    7. Do you colour your hair for the first time? Apply the mixture pick by pick, using sufficient hair dye so that the hair is well saturated. Start thoroughly at the roots of the hair and brush towards the tips until you have brushed in the entire length of the hair. Massage the mixture by hand and continue with the next tuft. Keep to the recommended application time.

    8. Do you have coloured hair and want to update the outgrowth? Thoroughly apply the mixture pick by pick until the hair starts to grow out, using sufficient hair dye so that the hair is well saturated. Keep to the recommended application time, no longer! 1) If it is necessary to deepen or darken the hair colour at the hair lengths, you should keep to the minimum application time for the hair lengths. 2) If you want to freshen up your hair colour at the hair lengths, but not darker, dilute the remainder of the mixture slightly and use it for up to 5 minutes at the hair lengths as a 'colour rinse'.

    9. Wrap plastic film around your hair with a terry cloth hairband to seal the edges. 

    10. Keep the hair warm with the durable Eden Warmmhat, so the color pigments can do their job! If you don't have a thermal cap, wrap aluminium foil around the hair with a warm towel over it.

    11. Keep to the recommended application time(s)!

    12. Then rinse your hair with plenty of warm water, and wash your hair very lightly with Eden Henna Shampoo Bar. Rinse well.

    13. Then you have to 'close' your hair scales again with a good 100% natural hair conditioner! Use the PaulPenders Love in the Layers Conditioner, or a conditioning apple cider vinegar hair rinse.

    14. What is left of the henna mixture you can freeze! Let it thaw first before you heat it up for the 2nd time.

    Do not wash with shampoo immediately!
    Let the hemp paint color layer for 4 days to reach its full depth. When you have just rinsed out the paste, the depth of the final colour is often not yet reached, and in the hours until days after that it will gradually become darker until the true colour is reached. 

    Grey and white hair can sometimes appear to have a greenish haze after colouring, so don't worry in that case! This will gradually disappear within a few hours or days, when the colour pigments start to oxidise and more 'heat' enters the colour. Only then is the colouring fully developed.

    Henna Zwart is made of Indigo, black tea, woad, bearberry, blue wood and shea butter.

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