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Sulphate Free Natural & Organic Shampoo

Here you will find a unique collection of the very best 100% natural shampoos without silicone, without parabens, without SLS and without harmful chemicals, giving your hair a great health boost!

For full and strong hair that shines beautifully!

You'll find here the very best 100% sulfate-free natural and organic shampoos without sls, parabens, silicones and without harmful chemicals, that will give your hair a great healthy boost!
Our shampoos are made from precious organic vegetable oils and powerful extracts from plants and herbs.

With our natural shampoos you wash your hair clean without drying it out, your scalp becomes healthy and vital, you avoid excessive hair loss and you get strong, full and luscious shiny hair!


Why natural and organic shampoos?

Organic and natural shampoos contain the most powerful bio-active nutrients for your hair and scalp. Moreover, these nutrients are particularly well absorbed by your hair and scalp! The caring natural nutrients ensure that deficiencies are filled and that the natural ph value is restored. Tallow production returns to balance, hair growth is stimulated and problems such as oily hair or extremely dry scalp disappear. Natural hair care is gentle on your hair and scalp and it doesn't dry out your hair.

Furthermore, natural hair care products contains no harmful chemicals that dehydrate and damage your hair and scalp, no SLS and no silicones.
If you were used to washing your hair with a 'chemical' shampoo, you will notice that you lose much less hair when washing you hair with a natural shampoo. Over time this results in much more and thicker hair!

What are sulphates or SLS?

Almost all ordinary shampoos (including many natural shampoos!) contain sulfates such as SLS, a natural substance that causes shampoo (but also soap and the like) to foam vigorously. Many people like this and associate washing with lots of foam with 'good and clean'. But actually SLS is a very aggressive cleanser that severely dehydrates and damages your skin and hair.

In addition, if not processed properly, SLS may contain the carcinogenic ethylene oxide and the poorly degradable and potentially carcinogenic dioxane. 

The top quality natural shampoos that we have selected for you, do not contain SLS and are 100% safe and for your health and hair!

What do silicones do?

Almost all conventional shampoos and hair conditioners contain silicone. Silicones apply an artificial layer to the hair so that even the most damaged dry hair seems soft and shiny.

But because of this plastic layer, nutrients cannot be absorbed by your hair and scalp, causing your hair and skin to dry out completely over time. Your hair dries out and breaks, while your scalp significantly increases sebum production to restore the affected skin's barrier function. You often see the problem that the hair length is brittle and dry, while within a day it gets oily and greasy again.

When you stop using silicone shampoos and the plastic layer around your hair disappears, you will see how dry your hair has actually become. Fortunately, the high quality natural ingredients of natural hair care will nourish and moisturize your hair so intensively that these problems quickly disappear within a few weeks. During this period you might want to pamper your hair and scalp with an organic hair oil before washing (let it work in for 5 to 10 minutes), and a restorative natural conditioner after washing. Your hair will quickly revive and become stong with a lustrous shine!

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