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Natural Geisha facial care

Geishas - whatever their age - always maintained an impeccable, radiant complexion, a Japanese standard of beauty called "Mochi-hada" (Rice-cake skin). A true art, as they also applied their iconic geisha make-up to their skin on a daily basis.

That's why effective skincare recipes are among the most precious treasures that Geisha's have passed on from generation to generation over the centuries.

Few of these secret skincare jewels have been preserved in writing and one of the most extensive collections can be found in three scrolls from the Edo period dating back to 1800. Never translated into a Western language, the recipes as the "white jewel for incomparable beauty" can be traced back to "the most beautiful woman in Asia at whose sight the fish forgot to swim and sunk to the ground", the basis for Tozaimes' reinvention of geisha beauty.

The science of plants (or Phyto) investigates how plants grow, develop, reproduce, evolve, fight pests and diseases and how they respond to their environment".
(University of Nottingham). Based on the results of this research, Phyto scientists use plant and natural phenomena to develop excellent new and sustainable products in the fields of fibre, medicine and skin care.

How can the daffodil slow down its cell division so much during hibernation? And can this mechanism also slow down the aging of the skin? What happens if we use the same trick that a small desert flower uses to defend itself against the strong winds, the climate and the direct sun on our skin? Will the same active also protect our skin from environmental pollution? The combination of nature and science provides powerful, clinically proven active ingredients that often cannot be created synthetically.

Tozaime uses the most innovative and effective Phytoscience results - for the skin you deserve.

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